Local Hack Day

December 2, 2017

12 hours of

Local Hack Day is a community-oriented hackathon run by Cal Poly students that welcomes both high school and college students in San Luis Obispo. On December 2nd, Local Hack Day invites 100 hustlers and hackers to build your wildest ideas for 12 hours.



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December 2, 2017

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San Luis Obispo, CA

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100 students

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12 Hours


Time Event
08:30am Check In
09:00am Opening Ceremony
09:30am Hacking Begins
12:00pm Lunch Woodstocks
01:00pm Intro to Webdev - Selynna Sun
02:00pm Intro to Machine Learning / Data Science - Brandon Kelley
03:00pm UNIX - Jim Heald
04:00pm Practical NLP + Machine Learning - Foaad Khosmood
05:00pm Mini Event - Slideshare Kareoke
07:00pm Dinner Petra / Old SLO BBQ
07:30pm Submit to Devpost
08:00pm Judging Expo
09:00pm Closing Ceremony


What is LHD?

LHD stands for Local Hack Day, which is a community oriented hackathon.

Who can come?

All college AND high school students are welcome! No prior experience is necessary. In fact, we encourage beginners to come out and learn new skills.

What can I build?

We encourage students to build all sorts of technological projects. At SLO Hacks, we believe that if you can think it, you can build it.

What if I don't have a team?

No worries, time will be allocated for students without a team to form one with other students!

What should I bring?

Bring your ID, computer, and sleeping bag (optional). All the necessary equipment for hardware projects will be provided

How much does it cost?

LHD is completely FREE! Food and drinks will be provided.

How will I get there?

As this event is hosted for the local community, students are encouraged to find their own rides to the Cal Poly campus.

Still have questions?

Feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] or contact us on Facebook!


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Come on over!

1 Grand Ave., Bldg. 7 - ATL

San Luis Obispo, CA

Want some more?

February 3-4, 2018