1. General

1.1 Network Name

SSID SecureMustangWireless (Cal Poly students)

SSID CalPolyGuest or eduroam (non-Cal Poly students)

1.2 Shirt Colors


1.3 Slack

Watch for announcements, updates, and contests on Slack!

1.4 Social Media

Facebook: SLO Hacks

Twitter: @slohacks

Instagram: @slo_hacks

Snapchat: @slohacks

1.5 FAQ

Refer to our FAQ at slohacks.com or email [email protected]

2. Schedule

3. Map

4. Software and APIs

4.1 Sponsor Software/APIs

Need an easy-to-read guide of sponsor APIs/software?

5. Hardware

5.1 Hardware List

Looking for a list of hardware we'll have?

5.2 Hardware Checkout

If you're looking to check out hardware or find live quantities of available hardware, please check MLH's hardware lab website.

6. Mentors

6.1 Request a Mentor

You can request a mentor on Slack from the #mentors channel on Slack.

7. Challenges

7.1 Slack/Social Media Challenges

Watch for updates on Slack!

8. Submissions and Judging

8.1 Devpost

Everyone will be submitting their work through Devpost. In addition, you will be able to find information about our judging criteria and our prizes.